Apresys Powerline 800/1000

. 5~1000 yards / 5~1000m
. Hunting / Golf Mode
. SCAN automatic tracking
. Tilt angle measurement
. Horizontal/Vertical Distance Conversion
. Can store 100 sets of data
. IP54 water-repellent design

Apresys Powerline series laser rangefinder telescopes combine the functions of a telescope and a laser rangefinder to complete various measurement functions with a small and beautiful body. The Powerline series adds hunting and golf modes, which can ignore background objects and are more accurate Capture the target object to make it more convenient to use. American Apresys uses eye-safe low-power lasers to prevent unnecessary eye damage and maintain high-quality measurement accuracy. Quickly switch code (Y) / meter (M) units, and can store and view 100 sets of measurement data. The waterproof level of the whole machine is IP54, which can be easily dealt with even in rainy days and splashing water (but not immersed in water). It is suitable for wildlife observation, golf, outdoor hunting, engineering measurement, and can also be used as a monocular. The lightweight design of only 190 grams is suitable for outdoor travel, concerts, watching sports competitions, etc.

Hunting / Golf Mode
When conducting laser ranging outdoors, if encountering obstacles on the path will affect the measurement results, Hunting Mode can automatically interpret and ignore the trees in the background of the target to accurately capture the target. Golf Mode improves the detection accuracy of small objects (such as golf flagpoles and flags) to facilitate the acquisition of their measurement data.

Tilt angle measurement mode
The built-in inclinometer measuring device can automatically calculate the lifting angle of 140° (70°~-70°) when measuring the distance, and can switch to Horizontal Distance mode and Vertical Distance mode. , to meet most of the ranging needs.

SCAN automatic tracking
General laser ranging telescopes can only do a single measurement. When measuring moving objects, you need to repeatedly press the measurement button, which is easy to lose the target. Just press and hold to quickly scan to obtain readings. It is also suitable for measuring the target object. Surrounding distance.

Eye-safe Low Power Laser
Reduce the laser power to prevent eye damage caused by accidental use, and at the same time have accurate measurement accuracy.

IP54 waterproof and dustproof rating
To a certain extent, it can prevent dust and powder from entering from different directions, and prevent water droplets from different directions. Although it is not completely waterproof, it can avoid the infiltration of sudden rain and splashing water.

The lens coating can reduce the loss caused by the reflection of light in the sky, so as to increase the brightness and contrast of the image, thereby reducing eye fatigue. "Fully Coated" means that the inner lens group is completely covered with a single-layer coating, which can reduce the loss of light refraction and improve the brightness and clarity of the field of view.

Diopter adjustment ring
The eyepiece adjustment ring combined with the focusing wheel and diopter adjustment can adjust the diopter of the eyepiece, as if wearing glasses, so that you can see far and near directly without adjusting the focal length. The eyepiece is designed with a high eye point, and a clear and bright field of vision can be obtained at a distance of 16mm from the eyepiece (good vision distance), even users who wear glasses and sunglasses can easily watch.


1. When wiping, please gently wipe with a soft cloth or lens paper to remove the dust. If you wipe in a circle, it may cause damage to the lens.
2. In order to avoid the lens assembly inside the telescope from shifting, please do not drop or impact it.
3. To avoid damage to your eyesight, do not look directly at the sun.














目  鏡



5-1000碼 / 5-1000公尺


±0.5碼 / ±0.5公尺






±70°精度 ±0.1°




CR2 (3V)電池*1 (無內附電池)



重  量




附  件


產  地