BlueView BV5000

BlueView’s BV5000-1350 and BV5000-2250 3D mechanical scanning sonar create high- resolution imagery of underwater areas, structures, and objects. With the touch of a button, these new 3D mechanical scanning sonar create 3D point clouds of an underwater scene with minimal training required. The compact, lightweight units are easily deployed on a tripod or an ROV. The scanning sonar head and integrated mechanical pan and tilt mechanism generate both sector scans and spherical scan data. For the first time, get 3D laser-like scanning capabilities underwater, even in low and zero visibility conditions and seamless integration with traditional laser scan imagery.

Application field
• 3D seafloor scanning
• Bridge Bottom Survey
• Investigation of riverbed and lake bottom changes
• Undersea cultural survey
• Investigation and monitoring of various projects on the seabed and river bottom


Bridge 3D Scanning

The instrument uses the 3D point cloud image of the sonar construction to observe the bridge structure

During the scanning interval, the ProScan software can be used to preliminarily judge the scanning status