private tunnel

. Can be used in any work environment where a reference line is required
. Quick installation on posters in tunnels
. Aiming to use the same type of wafer board as fast, also able to move forward
. It is very suitable for track alignment, road alignment, straight-line shot alignment...exploding thunder light
. IPX7 level 7 waterproof


model SLB110
Laser level  secondary laser
spot size200m處20mm
power supply12VDC / 110AC / 220VAC

Combination 1: Basic configuration
(9-09220) Main unit (with horizontal bubble)‧(8-07360) Fixing clip‧(9-09006) Power cord ‧(9-09221) Carrying case

Combination 2: Horizontal base configuration
(9-09220) Main unit (with horizontal bubble)‧(9-09006) Power cord ‧(1-08906) Horizontal base ‧(9-09208) Telescope (including fixing buckle) ‧(9-09230) Carrying case

Combination 3: Tilt base configuration
(9-09220) Main unit (with horizontal bubble) ‧(9-09006) Power cord ‧(1-08907) Tilt base ‧(9-09208) Sighting telescope (including fixing buckle) ‧(9-09230) Carrying case


Optional equipment
(9-09030) Fixing plate‧(9-09028) 38cm pole‧(9-09168) 76cm extension pole‧(9-09029) 20cm extension pole‧(9-09136) Telescopic extension pole‧(4-00313) (Male-Male) Adapter‧(9-09061) Target Board and Base‧Aluminum Tripod‧360° Right Angle Lens‧Linear Filter With hole) ‧110V AC to 12V DC power converter