Jobsite-ready – the intuitive, single-button tool for outdoor levelling applications
. One-button keypad, Electronic Self Levelling functionality, and convenient battery tray
. Consistently accurate results with 0.08 mm/m levelling accuracy and an ADS shock warning system
. Withstands harsh conditions of any outdoor jobsite thanks to water and dust protection IP56



GRL 400 H Set Professional
雷射二極體  640nm,<1mW
雷射級別  2
工作範圍  20 m
接收器工作範圍  400 m
水平精度  ±0.1 mm/m
整平範圍  ±8%(±5º)
防塵、防水花  IP 65
旋轉速度  600 rpm
電力供應  2 x 1.2 V HR20(D)(9 Ah)/2 x 1.5 V HR20(D)
三腳架連接  5/8"
重量 (含電池)  1.8 kg