Topcon Falcon8+ UAV

The Topcon Falcon8+ UAV  is an advanced UAV with multiple electronic system redundancies, designed for safety, ease of use, high performance, and precision.

The Topcon Falcon8+ UAV is an advanced, ready-to-fly Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) for professional drone service providers and industries for North American markets. This patented V-shaped multicopter provides multiple electronic system redundancies, which feature redundant batteries, redundant communication between all flight-relevant components, and redundant sensing. The UAS has automated aerial-sensing solutions with best-in-class payloads, providing detailed data for orthography and 3D reconstruction with millimeter accuracy for Ground Sample Distance (GSD). Consistent waypoint automation enables exactly reproducible flights for valuable structural analysis. Using these features, customers are able to detect and prevent damages, and forecast the health, of assets and infrastructure.

The cutting-edge UAV is powered with enhanced AscTec® Trinity Technology. A redundant autopilot system, with triple redundant inertial measurement units, is designed for resistance to electromagnetic fields disturbances and strong winds. Operators will have tremendous opportunities to generate valuable aerial precision data.