The GNR5 is a GNSS reference receiver for many types of applications among other GNSS infrastructure network receivers, permanent reference stations, field (mobile) base stations and reference stations for scientific analysis.

The GNR5 is capable of tracking all GNSS constellation including GPS, GLONASS, Beidou, Galileo, QZSS as well as SBAS using 452-Channels with  optimized satellite tracking technology. In short, the GNR-5 has a rugged and integrated design with longer operating time and high reliability. The GNR5 supports an extended communication options with an advanced web-server functionality.

Key GNR5 features include:

  • 452-Channels with optimized satellite tracking technology
  • Superior signal tracking across the entire GNSS spectrum
  • High-precision code and carrier phase measurements up to 100 Hz
  • Built-in Bluetooth® and Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Integrated web interface with advanced receiver management features
  • 32GB SDHC storage support


  通道數  452通道
  跟蹤信號  GPS、GLONASS、Galileo、QZSS、L-Band、BeiDou (BDS)
  靜態  L1+L2  H:3mm+0.5ppm V:5mm+0.5ppm
  RTK  L1+L2  H:10mm+1ppm  V:15mm+1ppm
  記憶體  32GB (需插入SD/SDHC卡 和 USB隨身碟)
  ASCII輸出  NMEA0183 V2.1/2.2/2.3/3.0 和 3.01
  資料格式  TPS , RTCM SC104 v2.x/3.x  , CMR/CMR+ , BINEX , RINEX
  更新速率/輸出速率  1~100Hz
  通訊埠  Bluetooth® , WiFi , RS-232*3 , USB*2(支援OTG)
  乙太網路(PoE Class 3)
  藍牙模組  Class2 V.2.0+EDR
  GSM  GSM Quad-band, CDMA2000,UMTS/HSPA+
  NTRIP  Client, Caster, and Server functionality
  TCP/IP and FTP  可設定多個網路端值
  網路遠端控制  YES
  防塵防水  IP67
  抗震  符合MIL-STD810G , Method 514.6 , Category 4
  抗摔  2公尺跌落 混凝土表面,IEC60068-2-29,IEC60068-2-27
  操作溫度  -40℃ to 80℃外接電源線/-30°C to 65°C 外接電瓶
  濕度  100%冷凝
  顯示器類型  8個LED的顯示界面
  用戶界面  多功能電源按鈕支援數據記錄和恢復出廠設定
  尺寸  150 x 200 x 60 mm
  重量  不超過2KG
  電源輸入  12 VDC (範圍9V~28VDC)
  耗電量  小於5.0 W (typical)
  電源端口  電源端口*2(不斷電系統:1個是主要,1個是備份) Class 3 PoE