CENTURY INSTRUMENT was established in 1994 , mainly selling various instruments and software related in the professional field of measurement, and providing customers with all-round solutions in the field of measurement. What we provide is not just product sales, we will tell you how to use it and how to apply it in your work; in another way: tell us your work content, we will recommend to you the most advanced products and methods of the era, and at the same time do to technology transfer. Our product range covers 3D laser scanners, historical site scanning, 3D real point cloud measurement at criminal scene, industrial level (micron level 10-6m) precision measurement, MRT micro-change monitoring (variation monitoring), traditional measurement, engineering measurement, Satellite positioning survey, river and ocean sounding, hardware maintenance, software development, etc.; customers are distributed in surveying, construction, machinery, civil engineering, river and ocean engineering, water, electricity, agriculture, forestry, mining, oil, gas, communications, public and private Schools, governments at all levels...and other industries; there are distribution bases all over Taiwan.